7 Days to create the Mindset of a Superwoman

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 simple steps to create the Mindset of a Superwoman! 

Finding yourself again...

It comes to a point in everyone's life where you feel completely lost... You don't know who you really are anymore.  

You remember who you once wanted to be, but for some reason...life has brought you somewhere else, completely different, and you had enough!  

You see other people living the life of their dreams!  

Being happy...loving who they are and what they do!  

And your head tends to wander and you start asking yourself... What do they have that I don't? What are they doing better that I should be doing to? Am I good enough? Can I actually be one of those happy people that I see all around me every day?  

You keep looking for a magic wand, the Aladdin's lamp...Something magical that will change your life forever!


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Throughout the next 7 days, I am going to share the key steps I had to implement in my daily routine that have brought me where I am today, and have helped me become the woman I always admired to be... And I am more than certain that if you made it this far, is because... 



You are ready to breakthrough... No point of going back to the same 'ol, same 'ol, right!  

You believe in yourself!  

I believe in yourself!  

 You are now prepared to do what it takes! And that alone, Beautiful, takes more courage than you can even think of!  

Do me a huge favor and give yourself a huge hug, you deserve it Beautiful!  

You now are ready to take the same steps that all the successful women you so much admired, had to take to step into your greatness!  

And remember, they were once where you are now. We have all gone through our own challenges, fears, defeats and disappointments in life, and it's only then, that we find our strength and build ourselves back up, becoming better and better....The Superwoman inside of us is ready to become unstoppable!

Here's what I'll be teaching...



How to get rid of the things/people/situations, that don't serve you anymore and make room for happiness, financial abundance and Freedom into your Life.

Click on the video to watch your first training. Enjoy!



We have to learn how to enjoy what we have and not consatntly concentrating in what we don not have or what "IF". Happiness is build up in small things in life and we have to learn to appreciate and be grateful for everything we have around us, every person, every situation, life itself. 



Today's lesson is about reminding ourselves everything we are capable of achieving when we set our minds and souls to it. 

Writing all the achievemnets you've accomplished in your life so far, will give you the strength and confidence to start dreaming big again!



Is all about dreaming big and believing in yourself. If you want something in life, is up to you to make it happen. 

The bigger the dream, the bigger the challenge, the better your life could be!



Afirmations are a way to build confidence, trust and belief in ourselves. The more we repeat them, the more we become the woman we always admired to be.


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 50 students in for free. 

Normal price: $ 99.00 

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)  

Who am I and How can I Help You!

Hey Soul Sister,  

My name is Maria C. Krause and among a thousand multi-tasking virtues, like most women I know; I am now a Mindset and Business Coach; and the founder and owner of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast and online magazine.

My passion is to help women discover their inner strengths, become confident and secure of who they are, and to feel and be more successful in all areas of their lives.

A few years ago, after going through countless bad relationships and bad decisions in my life, I decided I had enough. I wanted something more from life, from my own life.  

I had enough of feeling like I wasn't enough, that I wasn't good enough. I use to see all these amazing people achieving incredible things, and I remember thinking to myself, how much I used to dream as a little girl...I was going to be and do incredible things...But life had other plans, and I went along with them until I knew that I had to find and build myself again to become the woman I always admired to be.  

And this is how my journey began... I broke free from my last ever abusive relationship; I quit my job; and out of all places, I moved back home, with my mother, just when I was turning 38 years young.  

Life has giving me another chance and I was ready to take it and make the best of it!  

I stayed with my mother for 6 months, in which I started to do all the things I used to love when I was a child... Being out in nature, writing, reading, sitting in silence; I was re-discovering myself again. And the more I found myself, the more I realized that I wanted to help others breakthrough from the things that don't make them happy anymore; from every old belief that has been taught to them; and start living again!  

I created this FREE course because I wanted to help women through their first steps into their journey to complete and utterly freedom and happiness.  

Every little steps counts, and the more we do things that makes us fill fulfilled, the more we look forward to the next step.  

I am a strong believer that we can do and become whoever we want to if we put our souls and minds into. We have the inner strength to make it all possible.  

Love , Light and BE!

Maria C. Krause. XXX